Join artist Liz Hauck for her “The Music of Painting” workshops on September 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th.

Music and painting have much in common and we can learn a great deal from exploring the musicality of painting. In these workshops she will teach how to use music to help you to paint creatively and with imagination. Also how music can inform our understanding of how to paint – how being aware of the rhythm, melody, harmony and tonality in your painting will help you to paint freely and with confidence. These workshops are suitable for a range of abilities including total beginners. The cost is £40 a session. All proceeds are donated to my charities, Home-Start Guildford which supports struggling parents of under 5s and Tujatane Charitable Trust School in Zambia where we are building an Art Centre. More information: The Music of painting – Poster (1).